Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pencil skirt...... Self Drafted

 All you need is your waist, hip and length measurement ............and viola, however for me, I made a 1" wedge at the high hip for my "rear"
This fabric speaks for itself, I got it on sale for 20% of original price and bought the remaining 12 meters, I just love the look and feel of it, . I know I will be making a dress for sure and sell the remaining if possible,  I am making a wrap dress for one of my clients already, she also fell in love with the fabric when she saw my skirt yesterday......
To get the tapered hem look, I reduced the hem width my 6" of my hip measurement, this fabric has a bit of stretch so it was so comfortable to walk around all day at work.

What are you up to dear readers? enjoy the rest of the week!!!!!
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