Sunday, December 28, 2014

McCall's 7047.....Have you noticed?

I am really falling for McCall's patterns these days and M7047 is no exception. Anytime my sewing calls for simplicity and stylish McCall's come to my rescue so what not to love.? This is one of the easiest patterns have sewn lately and I so much love the outcome that am planning on a shorter version already..... I guess I am turning into mcCall's
 For my lovely dress, I used  crepe-knit fabric which I was fortunate enough to buy in 3 different colors, the original price was $24/m but got mine at 70% off the original . I just can't begin to describe the feel of this fabric on my body....ohhhh heavenly!! and how smooth it was to sew nothing to dislike at all. Back to the pattern, I made these few changes
Modifications Made
1.  Added about 3/4" to the bodice
2. Cut bodice back on grain because I didn't have enough fabric to cut on fold.  (I had just 2 m of a 60" wide fabric)
3. Cut the skirt-back on grain due to the same reason as above
4. The fabric had a moderate stretch so I cut 16 for the skirt, and 14 bodice. I am so glad I did, even with my weight loss it might have been  a bit difficult to fit...
As promised no more cellphone pictures.....

Hope you all had a wonderful Xmas. Looking forward to a fulfilling 2015....... Happy Sewing!!!!

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  1. This is a beautiful outfit. I love the color on you and the design details.

  2. Yes, I am more partial to McCalls patterns lately. You look lovely and your dress is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Melanie Darling, Happy new year

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR Aminat and what a beautiful dress! The color is gorgeous on you! The fit is right on point too! I am so looking forward to what goes in our closet in 2015!

    1. Thank you Myra. I am so looking forward to better wardrobe this year as well. Have a prosperous 2015