Friday, November 13, 2009

Sewing Room.......................

It's finally done and set......I am now ready to I guess my mojo is back now. I have cut 2 top patterns and a cardigan with an inner top already, and I am now ready for sewing...Also I cut some Xmas stockings I volunteered to make for my daughter’s class and they should all be ready and send back to school on Monday, so this is my first priority for now.

Did I mention that I got a deal on past thread magazines from an elderly lady?........52 issues from 1997 to 2007 (10 years)....yes and all for $35. You should have seen the way I was dancing when I got them, they all look like new....We all know how elderly women take care of their stuffs right?, and coincidentally I started thread subscription in 2007 so I have some 2 copies from the same year which I will be given out to whoever wants them

Here are some of my sewing room pictures.......... I really love my new space, before this I have been using the guest room, so now, I am  on my own and I don't have to  stop sewing when we have guest(s) around..............yahoooooo.


Sewing room

Sewing center

Cutting area

My little fabric stash on one side of the mirror closet

The other side of the mirror closet

Inbuilt shelf behind the door with some sewing books and (my thread magazines)

We put mirror door so no need to hang mirror, the other closet is where I put patterns, linings,interface and other sewing stuff

Most credit to my DH for setting the place up on time, and my kiddies for helping me organizing my little stash... I just thank God for them..................
You all have a lovely weekend.............................................................


  1. If you are giving away your extra Thread mags, I want them. I am jealous of your sewing room. It is fabulous. Enjoy!!!

  2. I love your sewing area. I wish I had that much open space in my sewing area. It looks so neat and organized.

  3. Congratulations! This is a perfect space to create :)

  4. Great space. There is such a joy in being able to walk in a room and pick up a project just where you left off.

  5. Your room is beautiful, and it looks like you have left enough room to grow! lol

    {{whispering}} If you have a copy of Threads 121 among your new magazine collection, I would gladly pay for a photocopy of "Inside the Chanel Jacket." The issue is no longer available from the publisher, and I could really use it before joining "Chanel or Go Home.' You could easily recoup your investment....

  6. Oh my gosh what a great space!!! I'm jealous!!! But, happy for you!

  7. Wonderful! Great to hear about you getting all those Threads magazines too. I've bought some batches on Ebay and it's amazing how many gems of information are in them. How come your stash is so small? Where's the Naija fabric?

  8. That space is awesome. I love it.

  9. Fabulous sewing room and know that you will enjoy it immensely.

  10. You are so lucky to have this room. I got one like this about 30 years ago, and my stash has sort of outgrown my sewing room closet! Looks like a great place to create and have fun.