Monday, November 14, 2016

Happenings Here!!!

This blog has been neglected for too long,  and I apologize greatly for my lack of communication on this medium.  My life has been busy at home, at work and on the sewing front. A lot of great and fun things have been happening on the sewing front.

In July we launched a program called "Empowering of Kids One stitch At a time" where I had 10 kids in my basement over the course of 16 hours  (2 weekends) where they were taught how to sew.  I give all glory to Almighty God for the  success and completion of the program, to be honest I never expected what we accomplished within the 16 hours or the great success from the kids.
The kids  confirmed to me again and again, to never underestimate your ability, to always believe in yourself and to never say you can't until you try......

Since Oct 2016, we started 'Adult Learn to Sew" class, the program runs every Saturday till Dec 24th, to say I have been super busy in an understatement, but most importantly, I love and enjoy what I do dearly.
On garment sewing, I have sewn mostly for other people but I hope to make more for myself before the year ends.
On another news, I had my first cruise ship in August to the Bahamas with my friends.... yes girls ONLY,  no hubby and kids allowed...LOL. Talking about fun, we had to the fullest..,,

Stay tuned, I hope to get better on my updates,,,,,

Here are some few shots from the class- "Empowering Our Kids One Stitch At a Time".

 My honorable planner

 I hope you had a lovely summer as well, and are enjoying whatever is happening in your neck of the wood.
Happy sewing  dear friends.

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  1. It sounds fantastic, good luck with it all.

  2. Wow, how wonderful! That must be so rewarding for you! We've missed your posts, but will be her whenever you get back! Good luck and keep spreading the "sewing" love!

    1. Thanks so much Myra... I am really enjoying the spread of love...