Monday, April 4, 2016

My Sewing Journey......My story of Gratitude

My sewing journey, how it all started and I am still learning....This is a journey, and I am really enjoying the ride.... Thank God for His mercies

Sewing and I.

Please read on….
Where do I start from? I sincerely don’t know but I know for sure I will always be grateful to God and to my dearest grandma Nygaard. As most of you know, I am an Engineer by profession, I have a full time Engineering career which I am passionate about and love so much. Sewing however is my creative channel, where I get to express the creativity in me, I will call it my hidden talent, because I never knew I had the patience or flare for sewing until grandma Nygaard enrolled me in a “learn to sew class” and everything became history.

How did I learn to sew? I think it was shortly after I had my first child, over a dinner at grandma and grandpa’s house I noticed a sewing machine by the corner and said to her that I will like to learn how to sew but not sure if I have the patience for this…. Grandma smiled and kept quiet…… fast forward to Dec of the same year, my Xmas present from grandma and grandpa was an enrolment in a 12hr Learn to Sew Class. Yes!  A 12 hr class, 2 times a week for two weeks and before this class I had never been on a sewing machine.

However, due to grad-school, kid’s activities and work I didn’t have time to learn more skills or to even sew, but because of the passion and love for the craft I picked it up on my own after about 4yrs the class. I learnt how to sew again on my own, I have library full of sewing books and magazines, I belong to several sewing groups, I sew for fun, for charity, and for clients. I have made so much friends along the way, this skill has taught me patience, empathy, (as I have sewn for people with challenges due to Cancer), and I have learnt to appreciate God more, though we all look the same, we might wear the same size of garment, but in reality we have different body type, how amazing God is???

We all have something in us, God has created everyone with something special, we all have some kind of talent but we need to find it and it is our responsibility to seek it., do not limit yourself, never use the word I can’t, always be positive and encourage yourself, you will be amazed when you really know who you are…according to Oprah …. ‘We get in live what you have the courage to ask for”, and I must add, “you get in in live when you have the courage to go out of your comfort zone”.  I am not perfect, I make mistakes, I have ruined some fabrics, and I have sewn with bad fabric due to poor judgement, I have sewn wrong sides together, I am a WIP (Work in Progress), but I love this craft so much, I will always try to create time for it as long as God permits and will continue to learn.

To my ever supportive family, I am grateful for the indulgence, and for your support, not only do I have my ME time, I have my ME space where I express my creativity, to Grandma and grandpa Nygaard you are one in a million, you really don’t know what you have done, I bless the day we met your family, you have been so amazing, so supportive and always there for us, I will always be grateful. To God, I am your humble servant, and I will always be GRATEFUL for this skill, and more! . Oh God I pray for this, please remind me to be always grateful for all your favour!!!
Introducing grandpa and grandma
 Grad- school graduation May 2009
Christmas dinner - Dec 2015

Dear readers, how did you start your sewing journey? ....I will love to know...
Have a lovely week, and be creative.


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  1. Great post and thanks for sharing. I have been a crafter long before sewing. Then started refashioning garments, then home decor and in 2009 began sewing garments.

    1. You are welcome Sheila...Thanks also for sharing yours

  2. I agree with Sheila this is a wonderful story and you are so very kind to share it with us! Isn't it a great feeling to have wonderful supportive people behind you?! I was interviewed by another blogger, Faye of Faye's sewing adventure. I actually told my sewing story in that post. If you're interested, you can read about it here...

    1. Thanks Myra, I will really love to read your story as well. Will check it out

  3. What a great story. You're lucky to have such a loving Grandma !

  4. This is a very lovely story, Aminat. It was nice to read about how you began to sew and to be reminded of the good that rests within all of us.

    I started sewing on a whim. My mother made her clothes when she was a teen/young adult and tried to encourage me. I wasn't having it! I didn't like it and had no interest in learning. Fast forward to 2004, I took a sewing class after seeing a coat a childhood friend made. I thought, why not? If I don't like it, I won't do it. I didn't like it. Hah. The skirt was ugly and didn't fit. But something in me wouldn't let it go. I bought a sewing machine and another skirt pattern. The rest is history!

  5. Thanks L,I love your story as well.... We just have to do what we are passionate about.....Sew on sis