Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fearless Jacket - Newlook 6188 - Pls Help

OK ladies and gents in the house, I am starting with the first project on the list, Newlook 6188 jacket something just drew me to this pattern immediately I saw it, maybe the style or the perfect fabric in my stash, or combination of the two....
Have had the fabrics (Lining and Shell) since 2010 and you won't believe where I got the two from WALMART, when it used to be walmart..... (selling fabric).
The initial thought I had for the fabric was to make the popular vogue Chanel jacket, but  I don't have to deceive myself, I don't have neither the patience nor time for hand sewing anything, so this style fits my life-style better, who knows the time, need and patience might come one day....

I have spent more than 2 hours prepping the fabric and the pattern. I made some alterations based on my measurement, these were;
  1. 1/2" FBA
  2. 2" sway-back adjustment
  3. Steamed the fabric and interfaced
  4. Cut the fabric and lining
  5. Shell sewing in - progress
Because of my impatience, I didn't single cut the fabric to match the plaid, I used a method thought by Ron Collins, where you fold the fabric into two and pin about 4" apart to match the front and back plaid.(which I have used in the past and worked so well), but due to the unevenness of the plaid , I spent way too much time doing this, and if you look closely you will notice that the left back&front patterns didn't match well with the center back and front, I have tried and used every method I know but couldn't make the match, I will say the issue is due mostly to the plaid and a bit of impatience. I should have been more patient ...mmmm,  it's a virtue I am constantly praying for.
I will like to go ahead and not sweat this but I am just not sure because I want this to look professionally fearlessly made.....when I asked my husband he couldn't see anything wrong with it, but I don't think he's the best candidate for this job. So fellas what do you think to go ahead or try another fabric? Please advise.

Look closely to the left
 Look closely to the left

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  1. Remember that anyone that sees you will see the front first and that looks fine. The back doesn't look bad either. I've seen worse in the store. I say go ahead and finish it. Every project is a learning experience and as I always say in my mind a muslin. If it works out great if not, you at least learned something new. If you're not crazy about it in the end, at least you'll know how the garment fits and if you even like the final fit.

    By the way I loved your Butterick dress from your previous post. The colors look great on you even though you had to work a little.

  2. P.S. There is nothing wrong with Walmart. I have gotten some of the best fabric in there and I still do now. I call it the hidden treasure. =)

  3. Hi there. I don't think you should toss in the towel just yet. I think it can be saved, with some tiny ease pining(a la Kleibacker)/stitching and heavy steam pressing to shrink those areas. Unpick, match,try to ease the difference, press and see what happens. You can also unpick, re-align and add piping to achieve a more balanced look.

  4. I see what you mean. =( The mismatch is very visible. Do you have any more fabric to re-cut the side front/back pieces?

  5. I agree with Andrea, I think it's good enough and I've seen worse in RTW. I can see the difference, but it looks fine to me. If you think it'll bother you however, it might be worth the hassle of fixing.

  6. I can't wait to see the finish garment. I am so just learning about FBA and trying to make sure I do my adjustments correcly. Thanks for the lesson.

  7. I can see what you mean,but no one will notice that.The plaids not matching didn't really pop out, if I saw this jacket "the plaids don't match" would not be the first thing I thought.I vote to finish it.

    That color fabric is ssssoooo pretty!

  8. I agre with many here and have worn things I puchased from a store that were worse! We are perfectionist by our trades and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself, I say complete the jacket. My guess is most people won't even notice!

  9. This is only a slight issue. As everyone else has said, RTW offers glaringly obvious plaid inconsistencies. This fabric is so pretty and the colours blend together nicely.
    Finish it if you are happy to. I like it.