Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Newlook 6648......

Another easy pattern Newlook 6648,  Have I mentioned how much I love few pieces patterns?  they are great mojo boosters. I made this in less than 3 hours . I have read from other reviewers how wide the neck is, so I made these few modifications to mine.

  1. Reduced the front neck by 1.5"  and the back neck 1" 
  2. Lowered the front neck by 1" so that it can sit nicely on my chest
  3. Lengthened the bodice by 2" 
  4. I stabilized the neck and the sleeve with interfacing,  folded and sewed down, I did not use the neck band
I used Mate Jersey from my stash and it sewed up like breeze. This is a great and simple pattern, very flattering on every shape. Highly recommend

Enjoy the rest of your week.......
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  1. That fabric is fabulous, and turned in to a lovely top. I like those cut on sleeves.

  2. Cute top! I love, love your fabric! This I a great versatile top that can be worn with jeans or with a suit. Nice job!

  3. The print is pretty, although myself, I can't wear horizontal stripes! But the style-- you're right, anyone could wear it. Liking your work very much--- Peace, Mari

  4. Thanks Mari, I try not to wear horizontal stripe as well, but this works greatlhy

  5. Pretty fabric and nice top. That pattern has hung in there (I've had it in my stash for years). I love it the style of a pattern lasts.

  6. Thanks for the great post on your blog.Ilike it.