Tuesday, September 13, 2011


for over a month.....what can I say? The mojo left unannounced and have been struggling to catch up since then. However, I have been wearing at least one piece of what I made everyday and this makes me feel good. I have also been taking  inventory of what 's in my wardrpobe, what I will be needing for fall/winter and planing my fall/winter wardrobe (on paper), hopefully I will get to share with you soonest.

So dear readers, any plan(s) for fall/winter yet or summer sewing still going on? Please I need inspiration , suggestion and anyway you can help to bring my sewjo close to home......

Have a wonderful sewtime.

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  1. I am sewing transitional pieces that I can pair with a cardigan or blazer.

  2. Aminat, you mentioned the need for inspiration, I've been in the same lonely place recently. I started looking at this website again and it really got me going. Maybe you've seen it before, but if not look at the SKETCHES instead of the actual clothes on real models. The sketches are helping me come up with ideas of maybe combining two patterns to come up with something similar. It has presented quite an interesting challenge for me.
    Let me know if this sparks your sewing motivation.

  3. How about choosing a lovely fall colour and making it into something simple to get you going like a top or skirt. Then pretty soon you'll want something to wear with that piece and so on....

  4. Good you are back! As far as inspiration, I'm all over the place. I've wrapped up the summer sewing but there are a few more reviews to post. For the fall/winter I'm planning to make something teal, red, and tan. A cape, something striped, and something lace. More can be found on my blog. Good luck with getting the mojo back in gear.

  5. Hi Animat. It's seriously taken me two months to get back into sewing again. The break has been good and our weather is definitely summerish now. I hope you can get back into sewing for your season soon. Cheers and bubbles.

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