Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still here!!!!

Hello fellas!!!!, how has it been? sure everyone is enjoying the month and the sew-along that is everywhere in the blogsphere. Sincerely I have been sewing and very busy with life at the same time. Hopefully things will settle down soon and I will be able to showcase my latest projects.

 Infact my first project of the year was for a couple who are expecting a baby, they asked me to sew  African regalia for the hubby with  embroidery on the top (buba), it was so beautiful, , I made a skirt and a  blouse for the wife, a dress for their  girl and another outfit for the little one. I will be posting the pictures later  because I won't want to spoil the show before they wear it. I also made a top for myself and I have several FOs already cut . You can see have been busy

I have been reading lot of blogs, so thrilled with all the lovely projects out there,  and getting inspirations from all these so God's willing this year is going to be a productive one. My goal is to sew SMART, sew NEAT and sew ADVANCE (By learning new technique a month).  I am going for some Vogue patterns this year, after  reading  Erica's comment about sewing Vogue pattern on The Blue Gardenia site , I believe nothing should stop me now, it's just another pattern  with lots of detail and great opportunity to learn new things. At the end of each Month, I will be showcasing new technique have learned for that month, so that will keep me on track.

Thank you all for all your support over the year, it's been wonderful and nothing-money-can -pay therapy to read from all of you, your encouraging comments and love over the years.......


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