Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm still here...+ new development

Hello everyone !!!, quite an age. Sorry, I have been away from blogland for sometime , not that have not been sewing, in fact I have been very busy sewing , but not for me, for my CLIENTS. Yes, I got clients now...lol. I forgot to mention in my previous post that I donated this dress for  mother's day auction at my daughter's school, and since then people have been asking me to sew for them, so I decided to start a small business by the side.... Also the African fabric sale has been going so well , and I sewed for those that bought the fabrics too ..... It's been amazing, I have been enjoying every bit of it and my clients keep recommending me to others. I don't want to bite more than I can chew, so I am taking it bit by bit.... The sad thing  is that I don't have time to sew for myself....hahahaha ...

 Thank you Victoria for this wake up call, your dad was such an inspiration and may his soul rest in peace. Some of us need extra push, and thank God for people like him

I have several sewing plans for this month already, but I can only sew for myself when I'm done with my clients hopefully I have something for me next week. So dear bloggers any new development or sewing plans for the month?.,.................
Have a wonderful week everyone



  1. As long as you are enjoying sewing for other...go for it. When it's not fun and becomes a burden...don't do it.

  2. That is great news! Congratulations on your new business venture!

  3. Welcome to the club...I've been so busy sewing for clients, that I'm burning the midnight oil trying to make a gown for my cruise, plus a sun dress for a client who is also going on the cruise...we set sail on Sunday, wish me luck. I swear I'm going to start saying no....LOL

  4. Congrats Lady on your NEW Business!!! Wow, you took the plunge:) Seems like things are really taking off for you and for that I'm sooo very glad. Sewing for others helps to definitely stretch your skills and test the boundaries of what you know. I know you'll do great!!! Who knows what opportunities will continue to open up for you. I wish you WELL!
    ~BTW---I'm glad Dad was so inspirational. Thanks for your kind words (smile).

  5. Great news for you! I too have been away from my shop blog to start another one, plus busy in the garden and sewing! If you figure out how to grow extra hands let us know....all the best on your new adventures!