Monday, May 3, 2010

Monthly Recap....April 2010

April was a busy month for me mostly because of my kids new spring activities, so not so much sewing was accomplished, but all in all it was a good month...

This month I have some stuffs in my radar, but I tend to accomplish my goals if I write them down and that's just what am going to do

Here are the stuffs I have for this month and hopefully have them all sewn up on/before the month help me 
  1. Casual Tops (4). I need some basic tops for summer, I joined the month of tops, but didn't get to do as much as I have planned
  2. Mother's day dress (1). I need a simple dress for the day right?..
  3. White pant (1). At least one for my tops
  4. Sundress(1). For summer weather, I have the pattern and fabric for this already
  5.  African outfit (2) ( skirt, blouse and head tie) just like I mentioned in my previous post... I have already completed a blouse, so I will be making the skirts and head ties this month
  6. African dress (2), I would be using some left over African fabrics to make dresses and head ties...
That's a total of 11garments.....and like always, please wish me luck...................

So what do you fellas have for this month? some cuttings and sewing I guess and have fun doing just that.........................


  1. You've planned your work well, I have no doubt that you can make this happen.

  2. April was a very productive month for you. I want to make more sheath dresses and also do the popular Jalie top pattern.

  3. Did you get your Mother's Day dress done? The top in your previous post is just beautiful! I love that color and fabric. I had no idea that was an African style; it's just a cute ruffled pattern to me.

  4. Wishing you much sewing time so you can reach your goals. We're cheering you on!!!

  5. Hi Aminat, thank you for your komment. You are right these Machine are really workhose and of good quality.

    I see you have planned your sewing work for this month...i´ll be weating to see them. (sorry for my englisch)

    Have a nice day :O)