Thursday, May 20, 2010

For Sale...Authentic African Fabric (100% Cotton)

They are finally in, thanks for all your patience and several emails received... I have them all in beautiful designs. Great for summer wears and all year round. They come in a bundle of 6 yards each and the price are $9.99 and $11.99 per yard with a minimum of 3 yards per design....

These are (Akosobo) ATL Superior Fancy Print from Ghana ($11.99 per yard)

Veritable Real Wax Block Print ($9.99 per yard)

To order;

 (1 )Please e-mail me at

 (2) Send me the design, yardage (Please minimum per design is 3 yards)
and your address so that I can use it to calculate the shipping (I will make sure I use the safest and cheapest method to ship) .

(3) The prefered method of payment is Paypal , but please email if you have other options and we can work it out
 For individual pictures of the fabric, please check this link


  1. Beautiful colours and designs! If I sell anything I will be shopping at your place!

  2. They all are such beautiful! So colorful and with Africa charm:)

    I love Africa and your fabrics:)

  3. Please let me know when you get some more in I would love to order some!!!!!


  4. Thank you so much Aminat for your post.i love your very much.its very helpful for us to know African fabrics its color, quality, cloth, n its gorgeous style.
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    thank you again.