Friday, March 26, 2010

March Challenge #7.........Kwik Sew 3625

I am really getting there. This time I didn't start any pattern from scratch, I reused my one and only TNT pant pattern KwikSew 3625, I am so much in love with this pattern that I am finding it difficult to use another pattern. You can read the review here. This is my third time of making it,  the first one was a wearable muslin, the second was paired with simplicity vest and this is the 3rd one, and everytime I make this I fall more in love with
I used navy blue Garbadine from Fabricland..., I enjoyed working with this fabric, its so smooth and nice to iron.....
The only thing I did differently with this version is that I scooped out 0.5" from the front waist, I started from the middle and tapered to nothing on the front sides and I added a ribbon to hang it......
So here are some pictures from my dearest amateur

Have a lovely weekend everyone




  1. Do your thing Girl!!!! You are plowing through your challenge goals and we're enjoying the ride. Your pants look great and you can't beat those TNT patterns!!!!

  2. You are definitely fulfilling your March goals. Great pants and totally inspired to try my hands again at making a pair.

  3. Perfect fit pants! No wonder u love it :)