Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Challenge (#1).........Mccall's 6035

As per my earlier post, I am now working on my March challenge. I am planning on making about 10 garments this month... So here is the first, I used my wearable muslin to make this shirt in another beautiful checks fabric.

Needs real pressing 
Arm-hole finishing

Remember I said I didn't make any alteration on the muslin, but with this version I made a few, and here they are:

(1) I reduced the sleeve cuff by 1"
(2) Removed 0.5" for the neck band
(3) Removed 0.5" from the collar
(4)Bond the armhole with bias tape

Alterations (2, 3) were necessary because when I measured the collar on one of my RTWs, the band was 1" and the collar was 1.5" but this pattern had excess. I am so glad I reduced the collar, I wouldn't have liked it. On my next pair I am going to remove another 0.5" from the collar. Overall, I love this shirt, great wardrobe builder but  I am so much in love with the colour, a  stretch cotton  fabric I got from Fabric land.

Enjoy!!!!!!! And more later


  1. I love that fabric too! Beautiful work!

  2. Very pretty blouse. I love to see beautifully finished seams.

  3. Cute blouse and like the bond armholes.

  4. Very nice. A good choice of fabric.

  5. What cup size did you use? I made the D cup and the princess seam doesn't seam to be in the right place. Yours appears to be placed correctly.

  6. That shirt is beautiful! Wonderful work!

  7. Really like your blouse. The insides looks really neat.

  8. Very very pretty shirt and fabric.
    Your finishing work looks beautiful.

  9. Very pretty shirt. Perfect fabric for it.

  10. Your shirt looks very nice. You did a great job!

  11. THis blouse is soooooo cute. I love it. Definitely wearable.

  12. they are simply beautiful