Saturday, January 23, 2010

Last minute request...simplicity 3575

My big boy turned 8 yesterday..............Yeah, I find it very difficult to believe, they grow up so fast............

Have you ever had one of those last minute request?......He came to me on Thursday morning and said, mom I would like you to make me a bath robe for my birthday.... and I asked... tomorrow's birthday or next year's birthday? that was the end of our Thursday morning discussion before school and work............
After work, I branched  off at Fabricland , looked through, but couldn't find any green flannel fabric... (Green being his fav. color). So went to Wal-Mart as usual and found this lovely soft flannel...... ..... Here is what I made after he went to bed ... I used simplicity 3575, and it took me about 3 hours from start to finish.....

It was a big surprise for him when he woke up in the morning with his gifts all wrapped up beside his bed..... So glad I was able to do this..... you should have seen the look on his face.......and I got one of those hugs and the ..." You are the best mom in the world"

Here is the birthday boy showing off his new bathrobe...

You all have a lovely weekend



  1. You are the best mom in the world! It looks great and I can see that he loves it. Fine work!

  2. Ah seriously you are the "best" :)

    He looks so thrilled and those "you are the best mom ever" hugs make it so worth it.

    Your WalMart must have a way better fabric section than ours. They really down sized it and there really is not much in ours, I've never been able to find anything, thank goodness for Fabricville :)

  3. Ditto on above comments! You are such a good mom! He looks happy and comfy and warm in his new robe. Nice sewing!

  4. You're a great mom. I hope your son knows how lucky he is.

  5. LOVE that last picture of him. "Chillin'" in his robe. 'Cause that's what you're supposed to do in a robe.

  6. Ah, you are the best mom in the world and aren't our Sugarmen worth every minute of it.

  7. Very nice, and so quick! He looks so happy in it - love the pose in the second picture.

  8. Oh thank you all for all the wonderful comments...

  9. You are a super mom! He'll never forget it! Happy belated birthday. Great job.

  10. I've come here from another blog, and I started with your latest post, and I can't stop reading! I like almost every dress you've made, and I've got a new list of patterns to shop for (even though I hardly have time to sew!).
    My son (9) wanted a turquoise (?!) bath robe for Christmas. I had a pattern already but no fabric. And I just couldn't make myself sew something that I really couldn't see him wearing, LOL. His dad found a grey robe with a big skull on the back instead. Boy's robes are actually hard to finnd! Your's looks great, and I totally understand how it feels to be able to do something like that for your child :)