Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Plaid Jacket done.... but need your suggestion please

I am so so happy....It's finally done, it took longer than expected but I enjoyed every bit of it

The review will be very short because I didn't use a new pattern, I used one of my already fitted patterns simplicity 3628  because I didn't want to do two complicated things at the same time (fitting pattern and cutting plaid fabric).
 However, I went a bit out of my comfort zone; I did a little bit of tailoring.
Here are what I did differently

I did  FBA which I didn't do with the first version

I interfaced the back and the upper sleeve using a biased cut interface

I used neck tie interface for the armhole

I cut a separate back neck facing....

I bagged the lining

Also instead of using a rat tail I used in the previous jacket, I used thin black elastic for the loop .

Finished project pictures.

My question 

The problem I have is with the closure to use. I used a temporary black button for now.

Do you think this is nice enough or I should use another color of button,  a hook, or I should just leave it open? This will be mostly office wear , I want something both office appropriate and that can be worn outside office . I will really appreciate  your suggestion(s) ...

 Enjoy the rest of the week



  1. Aminat this is sooo nice! I love your neat horizontal lines across the bodice. You matched very well!

  2. Nice sewing! I would use a lighter button, matching closer to the fabric color.

  3. Beautiful work! I agree with Gwen - a more neutral button, and perhaps just a bit smaller. Although if you were looking for the buttons to make a statement, matching the dominant stripe in your plaid would be very pretty.

  4. I think you did such a beautiful job on this jacket. It looks like the main color of your jacket is black with pink and cream. Is that right. With that in mind I would probably stick with black but maybe use a different or smaller button.

  5. This is a gorgeous jacket. I am truly impressed with the way to matched the plaids. Bravo! I think Gwen and KID's suggestion for buttons are spot on.

  6. How about fabric covered buttons? You could try to match up the pattern on the jacket or maybe do them on the bias. It might look cute!

  7. Great work on the jacket. It is wonderful. I'd have two-tone covered buttons using the plaid and black.

  8. I love your jacket. You did an amazing job on it! A frog closure might look nice. I like the button you have, though. Heather's idea of a covered button is good too.

  9. You did an awesome job on tailoring - great jacket. I like idea of using the fashion fabric for covered buttons and secondly like the idea of using frog closures.

  10. Outstanding! and congratulations on including more tailoring techniques into this version. Like Sheila I would prefer fasion fabric covered buttons.

  11. Beautiful work!!! I love your blog is very nice!!!

  12. Beautiful jacket! I like the fabric covered button or frog suggestions too. But I like the black...maybe a little smaller if you want to keep the dark button?

  13. You did an amazing job. I am so impressed with how your jacket came out, especially with plaid fabric.

    I think I'd do a different colored button, the black might be a tad bit too dark.