Sunday, May 17, 2009

A pair of jeans?..... I must be kidding

I am show casing my first pair of jeans.... It's a burda pattern 7738 .
I have been longing for a fitted jeans in a long time and I have been so frustrated because I couldn't find any RTW that fits properly. After a long search I decided to make one . I used a simple young burda pattern. I did all my normal alteration and made a muslin..........and absolutely fell in love with the try out. Here is my version.
My new jean

Back View
The review.
Fabric: Stretch denim and i used a stretch cotton for the pocket.
Notion: 8"Jean zipper, and topstitching thread .
Pattern Description: Burda Pattern 7738, Young Burda fashion .
Pattern Sizing: size 34 – 46. I cut size 44
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?: yes , but I love mine better .
Were the instructions easy to follow: I followed some of the instructions but I used a technique I read in thread magazine to make the zipper.
Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: As with all patterns, I made my usual alterations such as:
(a) I made a 1" wedge alteration on the back pattern to accommodate for my usual "backload" as shown below
(b)I shortened the front crotch area by 1" to reduce the front crotch length and to balance the back crotch.
(c)I made full thigh alteration using the minott's method as illustrated on Debbi's blog here
(d)I lengthened the pant by 2" to increase the inseam
(e) I did not put the coin pocket and no rivet .
Alteration (a) 1" Back wedge

Alteration (b) Front crotch shorterned by 1"

Back pocket needs to be shortened next time
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I love this pattern, but I don`t like the length of the pocket, I will shorten it next time.
Would you recommend it to others? Yes, I will recommend it to beginners who might want to try out a simple jean pattern, and some advance sewist too.
Conclusion: This is a simple jean pattern and definately a TNT .
Have a lovely week.......
~ Aminat


  1. Lovely! I'm getting ready to make my first pair of jeans also! I'm going to use the Jalie 2908! LOL

  2. Nice jeans and a great fit on you....

  3. Really nice jeans, the fit is great and they look great on you!

  4. Your jeans look really nice on you. Thanks for sharing your pictures on how and what you alter. It helps alot.

  5. Also, I nominated you for the "Blogger Buddy" award! Enjoy!

  6. Those jeans look great on you - I guess you don't need RTW anymore!

  7. Well done! No more RTW for you, girl!

  8. These jeans look great!
    I pulled this pattern out this weekend and contemplated it for awhile. Glad to see your turned out very nice.

  9. Nice jeans! I really like the placement of the belt loops in the back as well. And this is supposed to be your muslin? Woooow!

  10. What a great fit on you!!! The jeans look amazing.

  11. WOW they look fantastic. You did a wonderful job, and all on your first pair :)

  12. You did a really nice job. I haven't attempted to make a pair of jeans yet. Soon though.

  13. Bravo!!! Great looking and fitting pair of jeans. I am always impressed with sewists who make jeans.

  14. WOW you did grat on those jeans and they was your first wow wouldnt even thought that great job.

  15. From one who sews a lot with denim, and loves denim, sewing and wearing it, I simply ADORE what you have made!!! Bravo!! Please, make another pair, now that you have the fit down, and do something wild, like sew lace on them, or stitch them from cloth made from old worn jeans, or use white denim that's been stamped with a print, please make more, it's just too cool to stop now! Happy sewing!

  16. Your jeans look great. I haven't attempted jeans yet, but hope to one day.

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