Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fitted Pant (Simplicity 4366)

Fellas, hope you've been having fun sewing!!!!!. I have been busy working on this simplicity pant for some days now. I made three different muslins , read lots of books and visited some blogs just to make this pant as fitted as I can, in the end I guess all my effort paid off. Here is a review of my amazing pant. My first fitted pant ever. The first pant I ever made was a disaster!!!! so this is the second one.

To be honest, I have been avoiding making pant because of all the problems associated with its fitting and all the complaint have heard from even experienced sewist, but I decided to challenge myself and give it a try.
In the making of my pant, I used the amazing tip I read on
Debbi's blog. This tip is so impotant for some of us with inner-thigh issue I used just the Minott method but I intend to incorporate Sandra' s method in my next pair just to see if it will make any difference, but for now I think I am cool with the outcome of this. However, I will appreciate additional suggestion/comments from you "gurus" out there.

For my pant, I used Old Navy Twill and Bemberg rayon lining for the pocket and cut out size 16.
I lengthen the back crotch length by making a wedge of 1 " on the back and I folded the same amount of wedge in the front, then I used the minott method
for the full thigh alteration.
I completed my pant by following the pattern instructions which were very easy to follow, but as usual I used one of Sandra's method to create a professional look by using a bias tape to close the crotch seam .
This is my first pair of pant ever , and I am proud of the outcome, however I am still researching on how to make fitted pant and to continuosly improve my sewing skill.

The pant pattern alterations are shown
(a) Back wedge alteration
Front wedge alteration
Back full-thigh alteration
Front full-thigh alteration
My Complete pant, pardon my pictures, they aren't so great, these are the best I can get with the color of this fabic (Coffee brown).

The back needs to be pressed propely to remove the wrinkle

Please ignore the date on my camera, I don't know how to reset it, it's kodak Easyshare, please if anybody knows how to do this I will appreciate the help, reading manual is the last thing I want to do now.

Have fun sewing and happy holiday :-) Aminat


  1. I really love your pant, it fits so nice on you. Good job

  2. Your pants look great! Congratulations on mastering them on your second try. I still haven't worked up the nerve to try pants yet...

  3. Great job, they look really good on you & the fit is really nice. Fitting is one of my biggest challenges and I plan to work on fit in 2009 especially on pants and FB adjustments on jackets & blouses. Thanks for motivating me to push through the challenge.

  4. Nice pants. Now you have the perfect sloper for future pants. Glad you didn't give up after the first try.

  5. Take the battery out of the camera. Put it back in. When you turn it on again, you will be asked to set the date and time. On my Easyshare you push a toggle button in to select that you do want to set date/time and once the options are available, up, down, etc. to set date and time.

    Alternate: Push menu button on back of camera. Select setup menu from options. Scroll down to date and time and again use the toggle switch. Push toggle button in to quit. Mine is an Easyshare DX7440.

  6. Nice pants with a great fit....Good job!

  7. Thank you all for all your wonderful and encouraging comments.
    I am just trying and I hope to be better like you all. You've all been so inspiring .
    My thanks also to Anonymous for the suggestion on the camera issue. It's been fixed now.
    Thank You ALL ,