Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Burda 6891.... Vintage Fashion.

60's and 70's Fashion. I think those who grew up in these era got some styles right . To get a feel of their style I bought this lovely European pattern. Burda 6891...

Burda is my go to pattern for PANTS, I think European pants patterns are well drafted to suit any shape. Although you will still need to do some modifications , I still believe their 'crotch' length are usually drafted well for the extra back load, or high hips, and for ladies with some curves... 

For the record, I shortened the front crotch length by 2", lengthened the hem by 2" and shortened the top sleeve to just above my elbow..

What do you think about this vintage style?...Classy eh!!!.... 

Have a great week ahead, and don't forget to look and sew fabulously..

Fabulously yours ~ Omo-Esho

Somebody shout Hallelujah!!

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